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Our Speakers

Plenary: GOStrategic Forum (Powered by DaLa)

Toa Charm_OpenCertHub_moderator_AI Adoption, and its Future_Opening Panel Session.jpg

Dr. Toa Charm

Founding Chairman,

Data Literacy Association

Chris Au Young_Airport Authority Hong Ko

Mr. Chris Au Young

General Manager, Innovation & Data Insights,

Airport Authority Hong Kong

Cally Chan_Microsoft_AI Adoption, and its Future_Opening Panel Session_edited.jpg

Ms. Cally Chan, MH

General Manager,

Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau

Nixon Chau_SenseTime_AI Adoption, and it

Mr. Nixon Chau

Managing Director and General Manager,

SenseTime Hong Kong

Sunny Lee Wai-kwong_ASTRI__AI Adoption, and its Future_Opening Panel Session.jpg

Ir. Sunny Lee Wai-kwong, BBS, JP

Board Chairman,

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute

GOStrategic Forum

Jun Du_China Unicom Global_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Dr. Jun Du

General Manager, Technology & Innovation,

China Unicom Global

Lana Lo_City University of Hong Kong_Lenovo Session_edited.jpg

Dr. Lana Lo

Chief Information Officer,

City University of Hong Kong

CC Wong_Digital Realty_Keynote Session_edited.jpg

Mr. CC Wong

Product Director, APAC,

Digital Realty

Ivan Lam, P.Eng._Lenovo PCCW Solutions_Lenovo Session.jpg

Mr. Ivan Lam

Vice President, Exploratory and Industry Technology Solutions,

Lenovo PCCW Solutions

Michael T. B_edited.jpg

Mr. Michael Chan

Managing Director,

MTR Lab Company Limited

Plenary: GOStrategic Forum - BIG4’s Roundtable

Peter Koo.png

Mr. Peter Koo


Fintech The Specialist Group,

Hong Kong Computer Society

Robert Lui_Deloitte China_Big4 Roundtable Session_edited.jpg

 Mr. Robert Lui

Hong Kong Digital Asset Leader & Southern Region Capital Market Services Group Leader,

Deloitte China

Alex Yung_EY_Big4 Roundtable Session_edited.jpg

 Mr. Alex Yung

EY Asia-Pacific Business Transformation & Innovation Leader,

Asia-Pacific Tech, Media & Telecom Sector Leader

Robert Zhan_KPMG China_Big4 Roundtable Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Robert Zhan

 Director - Risk Consulting,

KPMG China

Duncan Fitzgerald_PwC_Big4 Roundtable Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Duncan Fitzgerald

Financial Services Risk Controls and Governance Leader and Digital Assets / Web3 Co-leader,

PwC Hong Kong

Retail Innovation Summit 2023 (Powered by HKRTIA)

Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association - Vincent So.jpg

Mr. Vincent So


Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association

Eva Tsang_ChaCha Beauty_RTIA Session.jpeg

Ms. Eva Tsang

Marketing Director,

ChaCha Beauty

Alan Ho_Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding (Greater China) Limited_RTIA Session.jpg

Mr. Alan Ho

Head of IT,

Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding (Greater China) Limited

Simon Huang_Charming International (HK) Group Limited_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Simon Huang

Managing Director, Charming International (HK) Group Limited

Kent Lam_Decathlon HK_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Kent Lam

CTO, Decathlon HK

Winston Yeung_Fulum Group Holdings Limited_RTIA Session_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. Winston Yeung

Executive Director,

Fulum Group Holdings Limited

Henry Yeung_Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association_moderator_RTIA Session_edited

Mr. Henry Yeung

Vice Chairman,

Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association

Arist Wong_Hong Kong Smart Catering Association_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Arist Wong


Hong Kong Smart Catering Association

Francis Wong_International Housewares Retail Company Limited_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Francis Wong

Chief Information Officer,

International Housewares Retail Company Limited

Matt Reid_KIN Food Halls_RTIA Session.jpeg

Mr. Matt Reid

CEO & Co-founder,

KIN Food Halls

Patrick Tsang_Retailer Advisory Committee_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Patrick Tsang


Retailer Advisory Committee

Gary Wong_Seafruit Depuration Limited_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Gary Wong

Chief Technology Officer, Seafruit Depuration Limited

WTIA Innovation Forum (Powered by WTIA)

Keith Li - Pic_edited.jpg

Mr. Keith Li


Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA)

Lok Wang Chun_Infobip Limited_WTIA Session.jpg

Mr. Lok Wang Chun

Regional Partnership Development Manager,

Infobip Limited

Ivan So_HDcourse_WTIA Session.jpeg

Mr. Ivan So

Digital Consultant,


Jordan Sun_Maxzer Limited_WTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Jordan Sun


Maxzer Limited

Brendan Wu_HKAI Limited_WTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Brendan Wu

Technical Co-founder,

HKAI Limited

Perry So_SDS-TechGlobal Limited_WTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Perry So

Development Manager,

SDS-TechGlobal Limited

Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association Forum (Powered by HKeCSC)

Terry Chan_Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC)_moderator_HKeCSC Session.

Mr. Terry Chan

Founder & Chairman,

Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC)

Joseph Chan_AsiaPay_HKeCSC Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Joseph Chan



Edwin Wong_Cloudbreakr_HKeCSC Sesion_edited.jpg

Mr. Edwin Wong



Billy Yeung_InsCoder Limited_HKeCSC Session.jpg

Mr. Billy Yeung


InsCoder Limited

Taurus Cheung_ShipAny_HKeCSC Session_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. Taurus Cheung



GOTech Forum – FINTECH

Emil Chan_Hong Kong Digital Finance Association_moderator_FinTech Forum_edited.jpg

Mr. Emil Chan


Hong Kong Digital Finance Association;

Adjunct Professor of EMBA,

City University of Hong Kong

Frankie Tam_Eversheds Sutherland_FinTech Forum_edited.jpg

Ms. Frankie Tam

Partner (Technology),

Eversheds Sutherland

Irene Lee_edited.jpg

Ms. Irene Lee

Member Board of Directors,

FinTech Association of Hong Kong

Paul Li_Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association_FinTech Forum_edited.jpg

Mr. Paul Li


Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association

Anthony Ng_Hong Kong Virtual Asset Exchange_FinTech Forum_edited.jpg

Dr. Anthony Ng

Co-Founder and CEO,

Hong Kong Virtual Asset Exchange

King Leung_InvestHK_FinTech Forum_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. King Leung

Head of Financial Services and Fintech,


Plato Yip_Treelion Foundation_FinTech Forum.jpg

Mr. Plato K. T. Yip

Secretary General and CEO,

Treelion Foundation

Devon Sin_ZA Bank_FinTech Forum.jpg

Mr. Devon Sin

Deputy Chief Executive,

ZA Bank


Otto Lee_Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre_Cybersecurity Sess

Mr. Otto Lee


Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT)

Matthew Wong_Microsoft_Cybersecurity Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Matthew Wong

Senior Security Cloud Solution Architect,


Colin She_Check Point Software Technologies Limited_Cybersecurity Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Colin She

Security Consultant (Hong Kong & Macau),

Check Point Software Technologies Limited

Kok Tin Gan_PwC Hong Kong_Cybersecurity Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Kok Tin Gan

Partner, PwC Hong Kong & Founder,

PwC’s Dark Lab

Lester Ip_Hong Kong Police Force_Cybersecurity Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Lester Ip

Chief Inspector, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau,

Hong Kong Police Force

Jolly Wong_University of Cambridge and Shanghai University_moderator_Cybersecurity Session

Dr. Jolly Wong

Policy Fellow,

Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge;

 Visiting Professor,

Institute for Smart City, Shanghai University

GOTech Forum – AI Applications (Powered by HKAI Lab)

Timothy Leung_HKAI Lab_moderator_HKAI La

Mr. Timothy Leung

Executive Director,


San Wong_ R2C2 Limited_HKAI Lab Session 2_edited.jpg

Mr. San Wong


R2C2 Limited

Patrick Tu_ Dayta AI Limited _HKAI Lab Session 3_edited.jpg

Mr. Patrick Tu


Dayta AI Limited

Wiva Wei_MatrixForce_HKAI Lab Session 3_edited.jpg

Mr. Wiva Wei

Founder & CEO,


Ivan Lau_Pantheon Lab Limited_HKAI Lab S

Mr. Ivan Lau


Pantheon Lab Limited

Yolanda Au_RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited_HKAI Lab Session 2_edited.jpg

Miss Yolanda Au

Director & Co-founder,

RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited

Jovian Ling_Set Sail Venture Limited_HKAI Lab Session 1_edited.jpg

Mr. Jovian Ling


Set Sail Venture Limited

IOTHK Summit 2023 (Powered by IOTHK)

Sam Wu_IOTHK_moderator_IOTHK Session.jpg

Mr. Sam Wu

Vice Chairman,


Anson Shen_Huawei Cloud HK_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Mr. Anson Shen


Huawei Cloud HK

Jun Du_China Unicom Global_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Dr. Jun Du

General Manager, Technology & Innovation,

China Unicom Global

Samuel Lo_NVIDIA_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Mr. Samuel Lo

General Manager,

NVIDIA AI Technology Center

Alan Lam_Deloitte Consulting_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Mr. Alan Lam


Consulting Deloitte

Adela Lau_The University of Hong Kong_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Dr. Adela Lau

Data Science, The University of Hong Kong

GOTech Forum – MARTECH (Powered by AMS)

Dr. Ken Ip

Dr. Ken Ip


Asia MarTech Society

Cecilia Cheng_EternityX Marketing Technology Marketing Limited_Asia MarTech Session_edited

Ms. Cecilia Cheng

Executive Director,

EternityX Marketing Technology Limited

Mr. Kunaal Masih

Mr. Kunaal Masih

Head of Digital -  FIN & Automation,

Cathay Pacific

Ms. Magda Kotek

Ms. Magda Kotek

Chief Marketing Officer- Asia Pacific,


 Mr. Daniel Hagos

Mr. Daniel Hagos

Managing Director APAC,

Emarsys (Part of SAP)

Mr. David Leung

Mr. David Leung

Head of Branding,

Research & Development,

Maxim's Group

GS1 HK Forum (Powered by GS1 HK)

Lincoln Chan_GS1 Hong Kong_GS1 HK Forum_edited.jpg

Mr. Lincoln Chan

Head of Membership & Digital Services,

GS1 Hong Kong

Ken Mok_Maxim’s Group_GS1 HK Forum_edited.png

Mr. Ken Mok

Lead-Manufacturing Solutions,

Maxim’s Group

Wayne Luk_GS1 Hong Kong_GS1 HK Forum_edited.jpg

Mr. Luk Wai Tong, Wayne

Head of Product & Service Delivery,

GS1 Hong Kong

CAHK STAR Awards Mobile Operator Winners 5G Sharing & AI Forum (Powered by CAHK)

Stephen Ho_Communications Association of Hong Kong_moderator_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Stephen Ho

Honorary Chairman,


Co-founder and CEO,

n-hop technologies Ltd.

Lindel Sun_China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Lindel Sun

Vice President, Government & Enterprise Business Group,

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

Michael Tsang_China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Michael Tsang

Business Development Director, Government & Enterprise Business Group,

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

Damien Leong_Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Damien Leong

Chief Technology Officer,

Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited

Daniel Chung_CSL Mobile Limited_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Daniel Chung

SVP Products & Services Marketing, Consumer Mobile,

CSL Mobile Limited

Carmen Ho_CSL Mobile Limited_CAHK Session.jpg

Ms. Carmen Ho

Vice President of Marketing,

CSL Mobile Limited

Philip Wong_SmarTone Telecommunications Limited_CAHK Session.jpg

Mr. Philip Wong

Principal Architect,

Information Services,

SmarTone Telecommunications Limited

Stephen Ng_SmarTone Telecommunications Limited_CAHK Session.jpg

Mr. Stephen Ng

Senior Manager, Radio Network Engineering, Engineering & Operations, SmarTone Telecommunications Limited (2022 Best 5G Mobile Network Operator Winner)

NEXX Sustainability x BUSINESS GOVirtual Forum (Powered by NEXX)

Mann Yim_NEXX_moderator_NEXX Session.png

Mr. Mann Yim



Anita Chau_Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park_moderator_NEXX Session.png

Ms. Anita Chau

Director of Ecosystem Development,

Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park

Michelle Leung_Accenture_NEXX Session.png

Ms. Michelle Leung



Jay Fong_Amazon Web Services_NEXX Session.png

Mr. Jay Fong

Enterprise Business Development Manager,

Amazon Web Services

William Chan_Hang Lung Properties_NEXX Session.png

Mr. William Chan

GM - Customer Innovation,

Hang Lung Properties

Lewis Ho_Avalon SteriTech_NEXX Session.jfif

Mr. Lewis Ho

Co-founder & CEO,  Avalon SteriTech

Angus Tam_HKT Limited_NEXX Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Angus Tam

Assistant Vice President, Emerging Technologies, HKT Limited

Irene Chu_KPMG_NEXX Session.png

Ms. Irene Chu

Head of New Economy / Head of Life Sciences, Hong Kong / ESG Advisory,

KPMG China

Anges Tse_Glen Club_Moderator_NEXX Session.png

Ms. Agnes Tse

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder, Glen Club and Advisor,


Keilem Ng_LINK Reit_NEXX Session.png

Ms. Keilem Ng

GM, Sustainability,


Venisa Chu_Loccitane Group_NEXX Session.png

Ms. Venisa Chu

Regional Sustainability Director - APAC,


Rebekah Bradley_Slowood_NEXX Session.png

Ms. Rebekah Bradley

Business Development Director, Slowood

SME Growth Forum (Powered by SMEGA)

Mr. Jefferson Wat


SME Global Alliance

Mr. Jefferson Wat

Dr. Sr. Kenny Siu

Committee Member,

GBA Carbon Neutrality Association

Dr. Sr. Kenny Siu

Dr. Raymond Wong

General Manager,

Baguio iRecycle Limited

Dr. Raymond Wong

Mr. Jonathan Ma

Head of Investment,

isBIM Limited (Certified ESG Investor, CFA)

Mr. Jonathan Ma

Ms. Johanna Chan

Director of ESG and Impact Integration,

Dream Impact

Ms. Johanna Chan

Mr. Vince Leung

CEO & Co-founder,

TriTerra Technology Limited

Mr. Vince Leung

Innovate for Future

Mr. Nelson Woo

Mr. Nelson Woo

 Industry Associations & Standards Manager, APAC,

AXIS Communications Limited

Ms. Ching Yan Ko

Ms. Ching Yan Ko


St. Stephen's Girls' College

Mr. Po Hin Ma

Mr. Po Hin Ma

Recent Graduate,

IVE (Shatin)

Ms. Wing Kiu Som

Ms. Wing Kiu Som


St. Stephen's Girls' College

GODigital Forum

Dickson Choi_Antoson International (Hong Kong) Limited_Exhibitor Session_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. Dickson Choi

Co-founder & CEO,

Antoson International (Hong Kong) Limited

Winnie Ng_APSIS Asia Limited_Exhibitor Session_edited.png

Ms. Winnie Ng

Country Manager,

APSIS Asia Limited

Christine Tsoi_Asia Pacific Professional eCommerce Limited_Exhibitor Session.jpg

Ms. Christine Tsoi

Project Manager,

Asia Pacific Professional eCommerce Limited

Sofic Tsang_Asia Pacific Professional eCommerce Limited_Exhibitor Session.jpg

Mr. Sofic Tsang

R&D Dir