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The 2nd edition of the BUSINESS GOVirtual Tech Conference will take place concurrently with the Business GOVirtual Expo on 13-15 July 2022 at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wanchai. This 3-day professional conference will be held in hybrid format.

Over three thousand senior IT decision makers, investors, heads of marketing, CxO, technical managers, heads of supply chain and logistics & eCommerce-related positions visited the show in 2021.


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In 2021 over 2600 conference delegates enjoyed 68 professional conference sessions across over 112 speakers in GOVirtual Business Tech Conference. With insightful ideas and impactful topics, the 2022 BUSINESS GOVirtual Tech Conference will again be the right platform for experts and visitors to exchange ideas that are crucial to run successful virtual businesses.

We are looking for leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs.  Join us on stage to shed light on the latest development in the virtual business community from across the industries.

Conference Themes

Cloud and Edge computing each possess distinct features, the former delivers advanced technology over the internet while the latter offers possessing power with immediate response on the edge devices. Get from expert advice on how organizations, by pairing cloud and edge computing, can leverage scalability and ease of deployment with device-end power without network latency issues, to super charge their application performance.


FinTech encompasses technologies and innovations that drastically improve, even revolutionize banking and financial services, ensuring that these services will not be interrupted even during challenging times, such as COVID. In addition to new payment tech, DeFi, digital banking, RPA, data aggregation and VR, watch out for even more exciting trends and development in FinTech for the near future.


To cope with the extraordinary challenges posed by the great outbreak, companies must take on the Digital Transformation journey to improving customer experience, enhance data security, automate business processes, and ultimately create a new digital business culture for their long-term survival, growth and profitability at the digital age. Discover with DX experts for the essential roadmap for embarking on this digitalization journey for success.


Cutting-edge marketing technologies help businesses drive traffic to both their online and physical stores, generate sales leads, maximize conversions,  streamline operations, protect customer data privacy and increase profitability. In this time of social distancing, lockdown and WFH, explore with marketing guru how to put MarTech in action and help businesses survive and sustain, and even thrive and succeed.


Web3, unifying the power of AI, IoT and blockchain, creates an open, decentralized and consumer-centric network in which users enjoy increased data security, scalability and privacy. Learn from industry leaders how current convergence of blockchain and other technologies bolster the Web 3 evolution and help companies gain competitive advantage.


In the age of digital economy, cybersecurity is critical to enterprises’ resilience against threats they face every day in the increasingly hostile online environment. The rapid shift to remote workspace and business digitalization in these difficult times also exposes the global digital landscape to unprecedented cyber-attacks. See with what technologies and tools cybersecurity professionals equip themselves to defend against the ever increasing cyber incidences.


The global pandemic, locking consumers at home, and aided by technology advancement and the ever-increasing importance of social media, has triggered the unprecedented global boom of eCommerce. Enterprises who fail to master the art of eCommerce will undoubtedly fall and perish. Acquire the optimal methodologies and best practices with eCommerce gurus that help businesses to emerge as winners in this digital future.


Smart use of technologies, the driving force for changes & development in every industry nowadays, becomes an integral part of success in all businesses GOing Virtual. Find out more with tech solution providers on some exciting success stories about how technology redefines their client’s business in different markets, such as F&B, education, healthcare, entertainment and more, and help them face and overcome crisis like COVID.


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Deadline: 30 Apr 2022